Monthly Archive: March 2011

Mar 30 2011

A Farewell Fete

It’s Wednesday already, a week since Terry & Peter hosted my “Retirement” party. I struggle with that word, I’m far from retired. Only from IBM and the only difference is that I get a little health coverage provided for a few years. The real difference is that I have time now and no shortage of …

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Mar 29 2011

Testing… yes, I think my eyes (and mind) are ready

I spent a little time on Sunday looking, exploring, walking and letting my mind enjoy simple thoughts. The ones that caught my attention were the result of the past cold days, and the effect of the wind as it splashed on the shore of the Leslie Street Spit. Here’s a photo from my stroll, I’m …

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Mar 26 2011

Closed the previous chapter, this one is now officially open

Well, it’s really here… the Next Chapter. All thoughts of IBM and SIS are part of a previous part of the book, no going back. And to honour the transition, I’ll post here what I shared with my friends and co-workers as a “parting shot”. My 2nd to last email from “” (that ID has …

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Mar 23 2011

Inspiring – The Inaugural Canadian Sidney Hillman Award

I had the honour of attending the inaugural Hillman Prize Canada presentation ceremony held at the Steam Whistle Brewery tonight. And I found it a very inspiring event, as well as timely. The Sidney Hillman Foundation was established in 1950 in honour of Sidney Hillman (the founder and president of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of …

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Mar 21 2011

Thirty Years

Thirty years ago today a guy by the name of Doug Clark put me on the payroll of IBM as an employee. I hear he will be at the party on Wednesday, I’ll have to both thank him and tease him about that. That leaves the “plus four days” as my remaining time in Big …

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Mar 18 2011

A final week, and then…

I spent the past couple of weeks winding things down, transferring “stuff” to people who might be interested in it and throwing out the bulk of it as it was only of interest to me (who needs a memo from 1982… don’t ask why I kept stuff like that). It was quite a trip down …

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Mar 11 2011


The road to this next chapter has been an educational experience… some aspects have been years in the making. One example of this thought is “Studio f/Stop”, the name I picked to explore the world of photography for a second time. I’ve decided it was worth exploring. And that it’s not worth keeping. My original …

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Mar 08 2011

Travel… not yet, “just” planning time

I am busy at work winding things up and down, transferring what I think is important to the people who will carry on the work I’ve been responsible for. I’m actually very busy with all of that, and I’m sure the next 13 days of work I have left will go by very quickly. I’m …

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Mar 03 2011

T – 22, the word is out

Rumours were spreading since I started telling a few people about my impending change and a couple of things were waiting for it to be “official”.  Now those are set in motion. The first being the invite email that my friends are waiting to send out. They had booked the party room at our favourite …

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Mar 01 2011

T -24, lots to do

March 1st, my last month of working for IBM has begun. It’s a very liberating feeling. And a little overwhelming. I have lists of lists of things to do between now and the 25th and seem to be adding more to them at a rate that’s faster than I complete them. Many of them are …

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