Two Down, Two to Go

The Canadian National Road Championships are underway with the Individual Time Trials and Elite women’s road race done and the Elite men and Criterium races still to come. David Veilleux The ITT was held June 23rd in the area around Belfountain, ON which has lots of rolling countryside. It was a fast 21.6KM course with […]

A Weekend Off, Getting Ready For a Busy Few Weeks

This past weekend was my first one in months without an assignment, so don’t say “retired” to me! And it wasn’t a relaxing weekend spent at home weeding the garden or puttering about, seems I don’t have time for those activities these days. Instead we loaded up the camper and tried to beat rush hour […]

Off to Almonte and BusFusion on Thursday

A year ago I was getting serious about the idea that has evolved into this Next Chapter including the VW camper aspect. So Andrea and I went off to our first bus event, the 10th annual BusFusion at Almonte. Peace, Love and VW I’d been reading up and discussing VW buses for a couple of […]

Journalist, Photographer, Friend, and all the spaces in between

I expected the blog entry from yesterday would stimulate conversation since lots of people in the local racing scene know the folks featured and I certainly saw (and am still seeing) lots of conversations happening. From facebook there are both “like” links and “dislike” comments, supportive thoughts and lots of well-wishing. And I decided to […]

My Brike, and when it was called Bike to Work Week

June! I’m enjoying the weather and looking forward to enjoying the summer. I’ve always enjoyed the beginning of summer, cycling has always been a part of that. And Bike to Work Week (BTWW) is one thing that’s defined the beginning of summer for me for years. Toronto wasn’t the first to come up with the […]