The Bruce (and Bikes)

It was a short trip, with some side trips. And very enjoyable. I haven’t had an opportunity to get up to the Bruce Peninsula in years, it’s a place I’ve gone camping with my kids a number of times and we all have fond memories of time spent up that way so I was happy […]

Windham NY, and Home (Part 3)

The parking lot was incredibly dusty, as was the course… as I sat writing this in a campground just west of Utica I could see a layer of dust on everything inside and out. I knew what I’ll be doing during the week. Friday in Windham was relaxing. I wander the courses to see where […]

Onward from Mont-Sainte-Anne, Part 1

Considering I’ve had the entire week from Monday until today (I started writing this on Friday 6/29) to do whatever I wanted it feels like it’s been incredibly busy. I guess there was a lot I wanted to do. And some things I found I needed to do as well, unrelated to covering races. [I […]