Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 23 2013

First Drive, First Photo Shoot Since April

It felt really good to get out for the weekend. This past weekend was the Canadian National Mountain Bike Championships up at Hardwood Hills and it marked my return to being a snapper. I wasn’t able to get up for the Eliminator on Thursday but did have the pleasure of covering the Elite races on …

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Jul 17 2013

The Next Step in The Next Chapter

My neurosurgeon gave me the green light today, I’m very happy with that news. And our conversation went something like this: Get a lateral x-ray of how it looks today.That’s good, now lets look at the pin sites (the back ones are slowly coming around)Take the neck brace off and show me how you can …

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Jul 04 2013

Detached from my hardware

I’ve gotten to sleep on it, sleep without it, and adjust to a new set of sensations. The removal of the halo wasn’t difficult, it was just weird. Andrea was there to help, in fact she got to unscrew the pins while the nurse (Tracy) held the halo in position and then off it came. …

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Jul 02 2013

Tomorrow is H-Day

My CT scan is booked for 11:30 Wednesday morning, if all goes well I’ll leave the hospital without this halo. Andrea gave my hair a good washing, that will likely be the last time I need to sit on a seat in the shower with a cape covering the vest. It will be a week …

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Jul 01 2013

Happy Canada Day

It’s July already, wow! So Happy Canada Day, eh. It’s also now two days until I lose the halo, that’s honestly much more exciting. I know I can get through these days, just trying to figure out what to do with my hair 🙂 And in between, I’m still writing. Here’s today’s piece. Gerrans Scores …

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