Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 31 2013

2013: It’s a Wrap… Mostly Back to Normal

I’ve been so caught up in the #darkTO experience that I haven’t really given enough thought to what 2013 has been like now that it’s coming to a close and what I might dare dream of for 2014. High time to fix that! A timeline in one thought per decade:1970 (death), 1980 (separation), 1990 (rebirth), …

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Dec 28 2013

A Week of Suspended Anticipation

Every time we’ve left the house, coming back held a little glimmer of hope that the power would be back on. Only to disappoint us. Yesterday was no different. A week is a long time to stay in a state of suspended anticipation. Like the tree branches encased in ice, we are frozen in the …

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Dec 26 2013

Day 5

This will be my 201st post to the blog since starting it in 2011. Usually my multi-post threads are related to a trip, this thread is more of an “adventure” since it all takes place in the same location… The Toronto Hydro twitter feed tells me how hard the crews have been working for the …

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Dec 25 2013

Still in the dark

Social media is an interesting thing. It’s become a great source for getting news quickly and from numerous different perspectives. In the case of #darkTO it’s revealing itself to be a challenge. Reading as friend by friend gets power back while we are still without has an odd taste, a twist of bitter in it …

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Dec 24 2013


Encased in ice, Toronto is struggling to get back to normal. At the height of the “storm” and in the aftermath over 300,000 people were without power. Trees in many of the older parts of the city shattered under the weight, described as 3 time what they would normally bear. Exploring some parts of the …

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Dec 12 2013

Too much on my mind

I should be calling it a day and putting my head down to get some sleep… funny how life can get in the way of things you plan. Things happen, adrenaline kicks in, you go with it. So here I go… My last (terse) blog entry was about writing an article about doping in cycling …

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Dec 01 2013

Writing… A Recurring Theme

I’ve just finished writing another feature article for Pedal Magazine, I can’t help but think back to the one I wrote about a year ago…