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May 22 2017

A Road Race and a Night of Camping

It’s funny. I’m done my IT contract now (it finished a week ago) and I’m still too busy to have time to write about the adventures on Sark and Normandy/Brittany. Hopefully I will find the time soon, there are lots of tales to tell. It was a good trip. Back on The Road Before we …

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Dec 01 2014

Clearing My Backlog Part 1- A Warm Winter Spot

While I’ve been totally distracted with all the technology issues I’ve fallen behind in my blog… so let me try to start doing a little catchup with this entry. Putting Babe In Storage I had planned on taking my camper to the same place she spent last winter in until a delightful opportunity came along. …

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Sep 29 2014

2014 Buses at Bon Echo

What a fabulous weekend! The weather was perfect, the colours are almost at their best and the turnout was good. Previous years have been cold or windy or both (you can read my 2011 entry for a little look into that!) but this year made up for all the past weekends. There was no real …

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Jun 30 2014

I Never Though It Would Be This Complicated…

I decided to install some upgrades & replace some worn-out parts on my camper, nothing really big but all quite good. The reality is that I always knew it would challenge me and push me past comfort zones. I didn’t expect some of the twists that came my way today though. I’ve handled all the …

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May 04 2014

Back in Toronto…

I’m still just gathering up all the loose ends of the trip and have unpacked all of the “stuff” from Babe but I’m not quite prepared to sit and write down all the thoughts and memories… still digesting those I guess. I enjoyed the trip a lot, on a number of different levels, and it …

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Feb 05 2014

Another countdown: the end of my first contract experience

I’ve now officially let it be known that I won’t renew my IT contract, which ends in mid-March. With just over a month left I’ve started thinking through the steps I need to complete to wrap it up professionally and to what comes next. It’s exciting, I suppose that is part of the nature of …

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Aug 12 2013

Getting out and about – BoTC 2013

This year has been quite a different year, for lots of obvious reasons. The result has been a lot of different activities for me though, and that came as a surprise. Perhaps it shouldn’t have. Obviously all of the time spent in the halo meant I couldn’t be active the way I normally would be. …

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Oct 16 2012

Kingdom Trails 2012

For a second time Andrea and I have wrapped our cycling season up with a trip to the Kingdom Trails in Vermont. That, coupled with a trip to Pisgah to kickstart the season for a second time… I think it was a great way to open and close the season. Not that we didn’t ride …

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Sep 16 2012

Becoming a grease monkey

I’ve worked on bicycles for years and love them. The simplicity and elegance always strike a chord with me. It doesn’t take many tools to do the basics, a few wrenches and hex keys. Owning an old VW camper is another matter. Of course I knew what I was signing up for when I bought …

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Aug 23 2012

Babe 101: Monitoring and Supporting

Owning my VW camper has been exactly what I expected it would be… a learning experience. And I’m enjoying it. I’ve gone through some surprise learning curves as well as some I was prepared for and actually capable of dealing with in an informed way. Over the past month or two I’ve been trying to …

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