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Sep 10 2015

Back to Quebec for the 2015 GPCQM

It feel like I just left Quebec and here I am back in la belle province again! It’s been close to two months though, with lots happening in between. And yes, I know I still need to write up my Colorado trip report. And my MSA 25th. Now I can add my Shelter Valley blog …

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Sep 13 2014

Gerrans Repeats in Quebec

Today was an amazing day of racing here in Quebec… it was a great temperature for racing and the light was bright and vibrant for photography. It’s also a very scenic place to take photos đŸ™‚ Rather than talk about the day, here are a few photos I like… enjoy. Look for more on …

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Sep 11 2014

Settled In For The GPCQM

I got a real chuckle when I arrive at my hotel in Quebec (the media are all in the Chateau Laurier while the teams are a block away in the Delta Quebec). For the first time I came to this event without my trusty camper… I decided to fly as I was pressed for time. …

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Sep 13 2012

Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec et Montréal 2012

The third edition of this great weekend of racing is now in the books, including some historic moments and some personal moments. It’s taken me a while to get settled back in, to wrap up all the coverage, and to digest all that transpired. I’m now getting around to writing about it. Last year I …

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Sep 16 2011

Getting Caught up: The GPC Quebec Gallery is Online

I’ve gone through the 2,150 photos I took at this race and picked a few I think are worth sharing. Here’s a gallery that I hope you’ll enjoy… try the slideshow option and let me know what you think.Next up will be the Montreal race… it was an amazing race, so stay tuned!

Sep 10 2011

Care to write the caption for this photo?

As I was leaving the press center I happened upon one of those moments photographers love. No-one else around taking photos, lots of happy people at the end of a long day, everyone relaxed. So here’s a shot I captured with my iPhone, I had my loaded backpacked with all my camera and computer gear …

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Sep 10 2011

What wonderful images Quebec City provides!

So, I wonder… where to start! I have posted a few shots of the city, totally unrelated to the race. I have a whole bunch of shots that I doubt will ever be posted anywhere unless I put them up… so, I hope that has you wondering, and that the shots are indeed interesting. Each …

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Sep 09 2011

The Second Edition of the Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec

A week has gone by since I last posted here, guess I’ve been a little busy! I did stop in at Jackie’s place on my way here. Got there a little before 11pm on Tuesday, just in time to say goodnight to her and then make myself comfortable in Babe for the night. It helped …

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