Moab Trilogy Book 3: The Trip Back to Toronto

 When I was trying to decide how to write this final book of the trilogy, I started by thinking that it would be the least interesting to readers. It’s certainly just as full of adventure as the previous two books, in different ways though. So I’ll just keep writing and you can make of it […]

Moab Book 1: Getting There

It began with the forging of the Big Rings… three were given to the mountain bikers. (sorry, I couldn’t resist some LOTR-esque start once I decided to make this a 3 part tale). This trip was certainly an adventure, nothing like the trip Frodo went on though as I didn’t see a single dragon, troll […]

Exhausted but still full of adrenaline…

I’m sure lots of my friends can relate to this post, it’s the result of an adventure-filled day and the effects last for a varying length of time (I assume there’s a direct relationship to the level of excitement and duration of the high but haven’t bothered to get clinical in any form of analysis). […]