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Oct 21 2014

The Weekend in Video

I mentioned that I used 2 different camera on the weekend in yesterday’s post. I did in fact use another one… the GoPro Hero3 that I’ve started carrying around. So I have 2 videos which line up with the two galleries. The first one from the Hardwood Singletrack Challenge is set to the music of …

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May 31 2014

Moab Video(s) Part 3 – Mag 7 and Slickrock

I had so much fun stuff from these two amazing rides that I couldn’t edit it all down to 10 minutes. So… I made a 10 minute video of each. If you only watch one of the 4 videos from Moab then I’d pick Slickrock. Amazing place, amazing riding, and I’m amazed that I rode …

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May 30 2014

Moab Video Part 2 – MOAB Brand plus M&M

I had some time yesterday and went through more of the raw videos I took while cycling at Moab. It sure is a lot more time consuming to edit videos than it is to put together a gallery of still images. And then there’s the challenge of finding music to use… This time I opted …

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May 13 2014

A Second Moab Trilogy – This Time in Video Rather Than Words

After-thought, written hours after this was first published but as I first really got to think about it…  yes, there will be a third book written for the Moab Trilogy! I was just going through the videos so I could fact check and decided to edit some of it as I went along. Some time …

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Aug 14 2012

Volunteer time: SVFF

Last year some VW friends went on about how great the Shelter Valley Folk Festival was and I thought it would be worth checking out. Early bird tickets were gone and camping spots weren’t available any more in the main area so I decided to volunteer. Andrea and our friend Liz bought tickets and came …

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Mar 30 2012

A film festival submission; another first

Many (over 30?) years ago I submitted a photo to an exhibit and contest in Guelph Ontario… they were reluctant to accept it as it wasn’t framed. In the end they did. And they awarded it first place… with the proceeds I framed it (there were only two prints made from this image and I …

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Dec 17 2011

Finished Touches

About a month ago I posted an entry with a shot of the first Bamboo Bike Studio Toronto Frame being built. Since then, the video I put together has gone live (link below) and three custom ‘boo frames were displayed and put up for sale today. All very exciting stuff. I’m very proud of Steff’s …

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Aug 30 2011

A next step in the next chapter

For the upcoming Grand Prix Cycliste events in Quebec and Montreal I will be doing some video work as well. Previously I’ve used my little point-and-shoot cameras for this as it was convenient (at the cost of quality). This year I expect to be doing more significant video coverage and so I’ve expanded my toolkit …

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