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This page is intended to capture all the places I hope to explore… I have a growing list which I will add to as I get inspired.


May 5, 2014:

I’m just back from Moab and what an amazing trip it was! There are some stats up about it in this blog entry and looking through this list I see I’ve only been to a few destinations. It makes me realize how many places aren’t on my list but deserve to be, so many of the places I stopped at along the way and the things I experienced just blew me away. Time to get ready for the next trip!!!

Jan. 2014:

Well, 2013 didn’t happen they way I imagined. It sure did happen though! Time to move on.

Now I’m back to dreaming and planning, it’s time to make a trip to Moab happen… April 2014 it is!

The map from here to there and back is uncharted so far, I’m looking forward to just letting it happen as it works out. I’m looking at possibilities without committing to any particular path yet.

__________________ The Original List __________________

Some early thoughts include:

  • Bicycle races, wherever they take me
  • VW Bus / Camper Events
    • Buses By The Bridge in Lake Havasu
    • High Country Bus Festival
    • Wet River Westies
  • Route 66 (yes, 2014 Moab trip)
  • Highway 1 / 101 down the west coast
  • Sunshine Coast in BC
  • Visit the Banff area, never been to Japser yet
  • The Four Corners (yes, 2014 Moab trip)
  • Deserts and Badlands (yes, 2014 Moab trip. More to come!)
  • Any of the many National Monuments in the U.S.
  • Follow the Mississippi
  • And (and and and : )

A recent request (the southwest in Dec/Jan was the destination) in the Vanagon mail list promoted some great ideas, this set is extracted from there:

  • Grand Canyon with snow is beautiful and way less crowded than in summer.
    • the South Rim of the Grand Canyon would offer some pretty spectacular scenery with powder snow on red rock
  • Anza Borrego/Joshua tree in Cal.
  • Chiricahua in SE AZ (if you get that far south)
  • Boyce Thompson aroboretum near Globe, AZ
  • Oak Creek Canyon as an alternative to I-17 to Flagstaff from Phx
  • Sahuaro (Saguaro?) National Mon. in Tucson
  • Parker, Arizona; one of my favorites is River Island State Park
  • If you want to see Death Valley and enjoy it, that is the time of year to do so
  • Don’t skip Bryce Canyon in Utah
  • Mullinville, KS to see MT Liggett’s art

The opportunity to go to Europe for le Tour has added some destinations and will delay some others. File these under the first bullet above… “Bicycle races, wherever they take me”

  • Paris, of course (check, made it)
  • The Galibier, it’s a climb I’ve yet to see first hand (close, didn’t make it all the way up)
  • Portlet d’Aspet (check)
  • did I mention Paris? It’s been very much in my mind, last year was nice and I didn’t know when I would get back next (check)
  • Belgium, even if only for a couple of days. Fine beer, waffles, cycling, great company (check)

Now, since opportunities are being considered for other places…

  • I’ve just found out than my youngest nephew Brendan and his lady Jenna are in New Zealand. Working at a CamperVan rental company. (check, made it)
  • Frank & Rita, Gerry & Sofie, and more volks are heading for Florida and then Mexico for the winter… hmmm
  • Burning Man 2013… it’s been mentioned, will see

A bit of time has passed and my list just keeps growing. I’ll start this update by saying how thrilled I am that New Zealand came together. I still drift though memories / day dreams.

  • Moon National Monument
  • North Cascades National Park
  • Whitewater Draw, AZ

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