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May 22 2017

A Road Race and a Night of Camping

It’s funny. I’m done my IT contract now (it finished a week ago) and I’m still too busy to have time to write about the adventures on Sark and Normandy/Brittany. Hopefully I will find the time soon, there are lots of tales to tell. It was a good trip. Back on The Road Before we …

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Jul 22 2016

Westfalia Restoration – DONE

I know there will always be some little detail that needs to get looked after. That’s what warranty periods are all about. Babe has had her test drive and is declared fit. I will pick her up tomorrow… very excited! So… There will be a follow up blog entry on how it feels to travel …

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Jul 20 2016

Westfalia Restoration – today in one photo

Only one photo in today’s post… and very few words. The background hints at how long the day has been. The caption is what Volker shared with the photo.

Jul 19 2016

Westfalia Restoration – reassembly part 4

I went to Volker’s Body By Crome shop yesterday to help get the top cabinet in the back up and do a few little things that I wanted to accomplish. And he’s still working hard to get the reassembly done this week. I’m confident he will. While I hadn’t intended to write another blog post …

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Jul 17 2016

Westfalia Restoration – reassembly part 2

The reassembly started earlier in the week and it looks like it will take about a week and a half to complete. Considering how much there is to do that’s an amazingly short time. Yesterday’s post covered the first few days of getting the wiring, lights, dash, & Westy top back on (with the out-of-sequence …

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Jul 16 2016

Westfalia Restoration – reassembly begins

The paper has all been peeled back and she’s now ready to be put back together again. There’s a lot to reassemble in a Westy that’s been stripped down to the extend Babe has been. First a look at her new paint in the light of day rather than the paint shop bay and then …

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Jul 09 2016

Westfalia Restoration – paint day

I dropped by to see Volker yesterday to deliver Babe’s new shoes (courtesy of her good friend Clifford) and he was getting close to being done with the final body prep work. And he was hopeful to be able to get to that today. Without further ado I’d like to introduce you to Babe’s new …

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Jul 06 2016

Westfalia Restoration – she made a break for it

Volker sent me a new batch of photos and I had to laugh at this one… This is the first time Babe’s been outside this year, I guess she must be just as eager to go camping as I am. Part of the reason I laughed was because I had been there to visit yesterday …

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Jul 05 2016

Westfalia Restoration – heavy lifting is done

There is still a little more body work to do but the heavy lifting is done. Volker worked over the long weekend to try and get Babe done in time. And of course I appreciate it! The last blog entry was about cutting out the rot and putting in the new metal for the front …

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Jun 28 2016

Babe had a hard day

That was the subject line of the first of a series of 5 emails with photos from Volker. “Babe had a hard day” I didn’t even have to look at the contents to know why. Volker has been zeroing in on the area that prompted this journey in the first place. The notorious panel behind …

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