Biketoberfest 2011

The Lapdogs cycling club has been holding a social event for the past three Octobers in the Centennial Park trails. There is a weekly series held on these King trails and they’re a blast to ride, fun for all levels. You can find out a little more at the King Weekly Series site.

The weather didn’t turn out as promised, the turnout was a little smaller than previous years, everyone still enjoyed themselves. A few folks went out for a road ride, the rest took part in the team MTB race. The race got a little confusing as someone walking their dogs through the trails tore down tape and generally did disruptive things, wonder what his problem was…

The other challenge was a lost GPS… imagine trying to find that in all the leaves! Fortunately Bill had sharp eyes and did bring it back (well done!). Well, I suppose the Pie Primi was a challenge too. Check out the video Larry put together.

Lots of good food at the potluck, great coffee from the Cranwell bodum, and prizes for the winners. All good. I’ve put up a gallery on Picasa, just for fun.

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