Peter Kraiker

Peter Kraiker

have started my blog as a place to capture the next chapter in my life. After having worked at IBM for 30 years, I "retired" as of April 2011. Before considering what I will do next for "work" or "income", I decided to spend some time traveling North America in my VW Camper with the express purpose of capturing the places I explore in images. Take a look at the "About" page for more thoughts on what this next chapter is.

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Aug 21 2017

The Toronto 2017 Eclipse

We weren’t in the path of “totality” and as tempting as it was to go on a road trip to get on that path I am happy to be home for a week. So I took some photos from a school yard close to home. It felt like a good idea so I went with …

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Aug 21 2017

The Marinoni Hour

I have a couple of updates so I’ll make this a quick one and then move on to the next… This past weekend was a track hour record attempt by Giuseppe Marinoni ( in the Masters 80-84 Y/O Best Hour category. The lead-up and build up were huge. He set the 75-79 record 5 years …

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Aug 07 2017

2017 MSA UCI MTB Photos

I’m sitting in the empty media center here at Mont-Sainte-Anne wrapping up my weekend and about to go ride the trails before I leave. Not before adding some photos from the weekend… hope you like them! DHI Photos XCO Action

Jul 25 2017

A New Tool in the Camera Bag

(WARNING: camera gear geek-out. You’ve been warned) I’ll skip over saying how long it’s been since I last wrote a blog entry! People who are able to do weekly updates amaze me. It’s a labour of love although not getting to a post doesn’t mean the love isn’t there. Anyhow… ‘nuf said. New Lens I’ve …

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May 22 2017

A Road Race and a Night of Camping

The VW Family

It’s funny. I’m done my IT contract now (it finished a week ago) and I’m still too busy to have time to write about the adventures on Sark and Normandy/Brittany. Hopefully I will find the time soon, there are lots of tales to tell. It was a good trip. Back on The Road Before we …

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Apr 30 2017

The Victoria and Albert Museum

V&A archway

A Facebook comment from a friend welcoming us back and playfully asking for more photos from the V&A prompted me to put a gallery together. I’m publishing it here rather than only on FB. I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and this is a good reminder that I should be paying a little more attention …

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Feb 01 2017

Another Cover

I’ve been working at this photographic next chapter for over 8 years now and I measure it by time invested and treasures uncovered. Getting a magazine cover is certainly something to be treasured. And with the latest issue of Pedal Magazine I now have my 4th cover. One was for a trade show magazine, the …

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Dec 31 2016

A Sonos sound system upgrade


In 1990 I bought a nice Denon stereo system with B&W speakers from Bay-Bloor Radio. It was my first serious investment in a sound system and I quite enjoyed it for many years.Some time in early 2001 the speakers told me they were getting tired and the amp was getting a little noisy. Plus it …

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Oct 31 2016


Edible medals

Cyclocross racing in Toronto got a big boost with the recent CXTO event in Christie Pits Park this past Saturday. And it was a fun event to cover. Lots of people I know were there, a good turnout of racers and good crowds. I haven’t finished processing my photos yet, in part because there was …

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Oct 24 2016

Colorado wrap-up

Big Sky

Well! September 25th to October 15th was a home to Fruita Colorado and back trip. What a trip it was! Let me wrap this up in a summary entry. 4,149 miles (6677 km) for a 2016 total of 9,022 miles (14,520 km) 741 miles was the longest single day of driving according to my RoadTrip …

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