Defining Moments: Breaking Away

As I’m getting caught up on all the social media stuff that I’ve missed during the day, one item caught my eye.

It’s been 35 years since the Oscar winning “Breaking Away” came out, wow! The movie was amazing on many levels when it came out… 1979 wasn’t a time when bike racing was really big and popular in North America. And yet… this event that’s the backdrop for the movie was happening and is still happening. The Little 500 is an Indy tribute (?) to the motorsport event. I can’t help but wonder about the playfulness but that’s just me I think.

I do appreciate the Hoosier side of things. And I love the underdog perspective that’s represented by the Cutters. I think it’s the amazing passion about cycling, in a time when it was very much a sub-culture here, that impresses me the most though. And it’s a very delightful movie… time to watch it again! Really though, it’s been 35 years???

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