The 2015 Canadian Cyclocross Championships

Winnipeg. Home to the past two editions of the Canadian CX Nats. This year’s version was even better than 2014 too, if that’s possible. They made some minor but significant changes to the course, the weather turned out just a great as the year before, and there were awesome crowds for both days of racing.

I elected to fly rather than drive the camper, time constraints being the primary motivator. I also had a hotel there so I didn’t need to bring my own accommodations. Instead I booked a flight using points and did a lot of walking. And like everyone else who got to see it, I was treated to some thrilling race action.

The photos from this gallery have already been published to Facebook, Twitter or on so if you’ve seen them there you can skip through and head to the larger gallery that’s up on my website. I still have more photos to publish so be sure to come back in a couple of days for those too!


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