Nov 09 2015

The First Annual VCX

This weekend was filled with great cyclocross action that included the 9th edition of the Barrie Cycling Club’s Baseball ‘Cross plus the first edition of the Vaughan Cyclocross Classic.

The Baseball CX has traditionally been a fun shoot as it has a great mud feature. I have to say though, it was a dry course for the first time I’ve been there! The VCX Classic was an unknown, a venue very few people had seen before. Both courses shared United Health Care’s racer Davide Frattini as course designer with Ashley Barson from Woodbridge Cyclepath also working on the Vaughan course. And the new VCX course got rave reviews. It was a well organized event and was a lot of fun to cover. I can see them hosting a provincial championship in short order and perhaps even be a venue for a national championship a few years down the road. That’s personal opinion though! Time will tell.

Meanwhile, here’s a teaser gallery from VCX. You’ll find a larger gallery up on my website. Happy browsing!


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  1. Frank Mazzuca

    Great work Peter…a pleasure to have met you yesterday at the Belguim Run Up…it’s Frank Mazzuca – one of many who did their small part to make it the best it can be.
    Your photogaphys tell our story well…THANK YOU.
    Frank Mazzuca – Veneto Cycling Club – Mazzuca-DPI.com

    1. Peter Kraiker
      Peter Kraiker

      Thanks! Great event Frank, you and the team put on a fabulous show. It was great to meet you.

      1. Frank Mazzuca

        thanks again…so much great content!!!!!!!!!!!! we all had a blast
        ….. I knew nothing about this sport 6 months ago…lol

    2. sam

      Hi Peter, Thanks for sharing all your pictures with everyone, it was a pleasure, You are always welcome to any of our events at the club and store.
      The Woodbridge Cyclepath

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