Paris-Ancaster prep

In addition to the CX Worlds, my Jan/Feb has been filled with thoughts of a Paris-Roubaix tribute race held up here for what will be 20 years this coming April. Paris-Ancaster (known as P2A or P-A) has been the start of the season for a lot of cyclists in southern Ontario for years and the event shows no signs of slowing down.

I did an interview with Tim Farrar (one of the original 3 who made it happen) in late January before heading down to Louisville KY. That skype conversation generated an online version and another print article that will show up in the Toronto International Bike Show guide.

Then I followed that up with an interview and gallery at the launch of the “How To Win Paris-Ancaster” online video series that Jason Zhu pulled together (featuring Zhu, Lori Steuart and Mike Garrigan).

Paris-Ancaster is a great event, it’s one I look forward to and dread all at the same time. It’s been my first race of the season for years now and because it’s so early the conditions are totally unpredictable. It’s always epic. I used to love the Squeezer as a season closer, that event was a perfect bookend to P-A taking place in late September and following a similar format. Sadly the Squeezer stopped happening. Happily P-A hasn’t!

Paris-Roubaix cobbles

Forest of Arenberg
Our first P-A

So here are some pics and links about what I think of Paris-Ancaster, including the recent coverage I’ve done.

Our first P-A


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