Product Review #2: Reverb Dropper Seat Post

This review wasn’t planned when Andrea and I started the trip. As I mentioned in the previous entry the short list came down to this seat post from Rockshox and the Kronolog from Crank Brothers. On top of the various other reasons I mentioned I picked the Krono because it was $100 cheaper.

As it turned out, I got entirely frustrated with the Krono and while I have thought I’d get through the trip with it and then just exchange it for the Reverb when I got back to Toronto I changed my mind. A key factor to that decision was finding out that the price @ The Hub was exactly the same as at MEC. The different in taxes was enough to offset any exchange rate difference. And so on the Friday evening, a week after we arrived in NC, I had Jimmy swap them around.

Immediate reaction:
1. It felt rock solid when I tried it out over curbs and such in the parking lot.
2. It came with an extra clamp (to put in your toolbag) that will let you lock the seat post in the event a hose gets ruptured or it stops working for some other reason (that would have saved the Krono from getting a failing grade!)
3. It also comes with a complete bleed kit so you’re all set for the foreseeable future
4. The actuator has an extra mount (the MMX) which allows for the integration of it into either the brake or shift lever mount so you don’t need an extra thing on your handlebar

Fully integrated in the existing clamps
Bleed kit, great cable guides and seat post lock-out clamp

All of those give the Reverb serious bonus points.

Test Ride #1:
I took it out for a ride on the Turkey Pen loop on the Sunday and immediately enjoyed it on both the descent to the river and then the climb up the other side. Every time I used the trigger it responded well and at least as importantly it never slipped of its own accord.
Reverb Rating: 9 out of 10 (-1 for price)

The Specialized seat post clamp is designed to accommodate the hose so no extra hardware needed

Unfortunately this is the ride I crashed on and so it will be a while before I get to try it for test #2. Looking forward to it though!

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