Babe had a hard day

New metal

That was the subject line of the first of a series of 5 emails with photos from Volker. “Babe had a hard day”

I didn’t even have to look at the contents to know why. Volker has been zeroing in on the area that prompted this journey in the first place. The notorious panel behind the kitchen. And then I looked through the 90 photos he sent and had yet another “wow” moment. He’s into what’s likely to be the most demanding bodywork Babe needs done.

Part of it is similar to the base of the pillar on the passenger side. The spot right above the lift spot had the same deep rot.

So began the hard day! This was contained though, the next sections to get attention were more demanding. Hope you’re sitting down (Andrea, got that?).

Before I get into all the nitty-gritty details here’s one thing that will distinguish Babe going forward. Since she’s getting a Truck Fridge there’s no longer a need for the fridge vent. I’ll miss that distinctive feature a little. Visually. Other than that I’m glad to have it sealed up!

No More Fridge Vent
No More Fridge Vent

I mentioned before that the bottom of the kitchen panel had been repaired before and I’ve included at least one early photo of what Volker found as he started into the serious work he had ahead. The spot welds holding the added panel in place were the beginning of this story.

Behind the kitchen
Behind the kitchen

You can see the cut edge of the original panel near the bottom below the row of spot welds. That entire section had to go. Here’s what it looked like once exposed.

The worst of the rust finally exposed

The body panel was only part of what needed love. And love is what she got. The supporting structure needed to be rebuilt, the area around the rotted corners too. And then putting it all back together.

This is still a work in progress and I haven’t seen photos from today but I’m liking where it’s headed. And I know Volker is working as fast as he can without cutting corners. Just cutting up my lovely Babe! Ouch I say (on her behalf)!

And then I got another set of photos from Volker! Here’s how Babe looks as of tonight… better? At least closer to being done.

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  1. Very interesting. Such a labour of love. Still a complex repair even though it’s a relatively simple vehicle.

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