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I think everyone who knows me is very aware of which side of a camera I prefer to be on… every now and then something comes along that gets me on the other side of my spot. Outside of my comfort zone too, usually.

Today was one of those days. I was asked earlier in the week to do a short segment on CTV’s Canada AM show about bikes and bike technology. I said I was good with that and so it all got set up for this morning (Friday). They had a nice selection of bikes but not enough time to do any one of them justice. Still… it’s a major media outlet and they wanted to talk bikes! I’d say that’s a good day.

You can judge for yourself since they made it available on their website. And for the record, two comments:
1. These 5 bikes weren’t my picks. They’re good bikes though and I wouldn’t knock any of them!
2. The comment about going to a local bike shop didn’t make it into the live discussion but it’s important. Not only will it be a “shop local” economic advantage, the relationship you build up with your LBS is invaluable. Do it!
And I guess there’s a 3rd: I give BionX full marks for an awesome product, I am also fully aware of the conflict eBikes introduce… so I made a point of not talking about that aspect. Don’t think for a second I’m unaware of it though! They have a place, how they fit in properly and comfortably hasn’t been sorted out yet though.

So here’s their link…

And a frame I grabbed from the wrap-up…

Here are the bikes, without any people obstructing the view. The link above has links for the specs on most of them.

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