Babe Is back, back on the road, about to get on the road

It’s now a week… wow. It’s gone by quickly, I haven’t slept in as often as I though I would, my list of things done is longer and my list of things to do has grown even more. Love it! I have posted a few things on my FaceBook page, you’re welcome to check that out too.

I’ve enjoyed relaxing, going out for lunch, shopping for tools and toys. Getting things ready. And I’ve enjoyed seeing my camper outside, inviting me to get real about this next chapter. I tested out the Garmin GPS today that she now has, I should start a poll on what voice people like… Aussie, Brit or ‘merican. Maybe I’ll try the French Canadian… I’m not likely to get lost.

Week 1 is done, so far so good.
Week 2 starts with a farewell.. Bruce Keenan passed away and tomorrow (Saturday) is the service to honour his passing. I will be there. The loss of your parent, your dad… I don’t have word to express that. It’s been over 40 years for me, and I don’t have words.

And then, well… it’s a new day, week, month, year… time only has one direction.

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