A Colorado one day sampler

Hartman Hills

Here are four panoramic photos from our day in Gunnison & trip to Fruita. It was a beautiful place to be, fabulous spot to camp and great trails to ride. Big sky… I would have loved to stay up to take some photos but we were both totally wiped from the ride and were in bed by 9pm. Perhaps tomorrow when we’re in the Fruita desert.

Oh… and if you’re wondering about internet and the blog updates here’s the scoop. Andrea has some connectivity from time to time via her Blackberry. I have a little MiFi hotspot that connects less often and has very limited data. Neither useful for blogging. However…

I broke some more nipples on my wheels (an ongoing story, ask Steffan about it 😉 ) and so we stopped in at Double Shot Cyclery in Gunnison to see about getting them fixed. That got us free internet while we waited. Side story: in trying to true the front wheel he got up to 9 nipples that broke at which point I asked about replacement wheels. They had a nice pair of used DT Swiss wheels at an awesome price so that’s what I’m riding now! New rotors and new tubeless tires included.

Today the plan was to have a shower before we spend the rest of the week camped north of Fruita in the desert. We were going to use the state park to camp & shower but ended up deciding to get a motel room for a few dollars more. Staying warm after a show is a good feeling. Getting internet for the evening is a bonus.

So here’s a bonus blog update thanks to staying warm after a shower. Four photos, all taken on my iPhone (so far it’s the only camera I’ve used).

Hartman Rocks
Andrea on the Hartman Rocks trails. Babe is in there too… good luck finding her!
Hartman Rocks
Riding through fields of sage at Hartman Rocks. If you think it’s flat then it’s fooling you.
Hartman Rocks
Sunset at Hartman Rocks. We could see Gunnison in the valley miles away. No-one else though.
Blue Mesa
Andrea at a lake in the Blue Mesa area. It was a scenic drive from Gunnison to Fruita.

Next up will be the 18 Road trails north of here where we’ll ride and camp. We also plan on riding in the Kokopelli trails that go all the way across the Utah border. Looking forward to riding and camping in the desert!

Note to Bob: wish you were here!

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