Three Days in September

The mountains...

Lots of days led up to these three days. They were mine to use. And I did. As best I could! Let me tell you a little bit about these three days in September.

I blame a race in Leadville CO and a bunch of cyclists who got an idea two years ago and did something about it in 2015. I have to share in the blame too since I have now driven my VW Westy from Toronto to the middle of Colorado (& further west) for a 3rd time. All to meet Andrea here… destinations Moab, Leadville and now Fruita. So here I am.

The days before – well the weeks before! – were all prep for getting on the road. The objective was being in Denver by noon on Sept. 28 and I couldn’t leave before Sunday morning (the 25th). I’m in a suburb of Denver now. My plans didn’t work out tonight so I’m going to enjoy a shower in the morning. The state park I had planned on spending the night at was full and I hadn’t planned on that. It was too far a drive to find another, the local Walmart doesn’t permit camping, so a room for the night.

Lots of changes were in the works in the weeks leading up to this trip. Some major changes including a new turbo charger which I generally don’t like to do before a “race”. So far so good though! And I just got a message from Andrea that she’s in Chicago with the first leg of the flight done and the next soon to start. She arrives here a little before 2pm (8:30am as I write this).

It’s about 1,500 miles from home to here. And I feel pretty good about having driven the full way in 3 days. Keep in mind that old VW’s don’t go fast so a mile a minute was the plan. That’s still 25 hours of driving plus stops for gas, food, and the occasional photo. And here I am.

Day 1: 678 miles, 1 province & 3 states. Slept in a huge parking lot and didn’t even hear all the trucks!

Day 2: 530 miles & 3 states. Passed a sign on Hwy 36 that said “Geographic center of the United States”. Slept in a motel after watching the presidential debate.

Day 3: 250 miles & 2 states. The state park I wanted to spend the night in was full so another night not in my camper.

Now let me share a few of the photos.

Toronto: Packed & ready to go. That bag up top cost me about 4 miles per gallon on fuel consumption!
iowa 80
Iowa: on I80, the world biggest truck stop
Iowa 80
Iowa 80
Sunrise Babe looks small @ Iowa 80
Smith Center
A motel in the middle of the US… I think she wants in.
Babe doing her part to control bugs
High Prairie
High Prairie country through Kansas… long straight roads with little traffic
Prairie View Kansas
Prairie View Kansas… nothing to see but wide open farmland
Babe adding colour to Colorado! This was on Old US 24.
The mountains...
Sunset over Denver at Cherry Creek State Park. Too bad the campground was full (all 152 sites!)

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