Westfalia Restoration Week 3

Progress hasn’t been as dramatic this week, the early steps were more visually interesting. Now there are some very fine details being sorted out. Still important stuff though!

All the detached pieces (doors and hatch) are almost ready for paint!


New fridge. It was a hard decision and yet an easy choice. The 30+ year old Dometic fridge still works well (anyone need one? let me know). There were aspects to it that I didn’t like and thought we could improve on. So a new Truck Fridge 49 is part of the upgrade. And that means deciding a bunch of things like changes to the cabinets. And the external vent that’s no longer needed. It will be a very different look to not have that little chrome dome.

Then there’s the topic of paint. Oh Oh Oh don’t get me started. Andrea can tell you about how hard it is to change state. From original Assuan Brown to the PO’s “burnt orange” to “my colour, still tbd” is hell. 50 shades of it by now…

The good news is that I think we’re close to deciding!


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  1. If you will be considering solar, especially mobile/portable, that Dometic exhaust port may be a good spot to stow a hidden connector. I use the city water utility port for that plug.

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