It has taken two years to get to this point and it’s definitely a big deal! A mix of feeling nervous and excited.

Babe is getting a serious makeover…

I’ve enjoyed the past 5 years, heading into 6 I knew I wanted there to be a lot more. And the rust was beginning to be a real problem. Or it would become one if not taken care of. So away we go! I received a text message with these 3 photos yesterday (Feb. 22nd). It will be interesting to see this as it progresses. Volker – who owns and runs Body By Crome and is doing all the work – will be taking photos of his progress along the way. A journey that will take a few months to complete.

So I’ll keep a thread going here with updates.

IMG_0824 IMG_0822 IMG_0823

We’ll see how she looks compared to this (which is when we first met in 2010). Even in this photo you can see one area that needed a little attention back then. 5+ years of travel has added a few more. And taken the luster off the paint.


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