Off To A Rough Start

I’m headed to a couple of races I really enjoy, I’ve covered these since before having my Westy and the photos I have include the first World Cup victory by Geoff Kabush when he crossed the line in a very muddy race at Bromont.
That race is no more (which is a shame, it’s a great venue) but Mont Sainte Anne is about to have their 24th and Windham is back this year after failing to be able to pull it all together for 2013. Like Windham I was also a no-show in 2013 as my injury kept me from going.

I think I’m still feeling a little Windham effect as I make my way east on this trip though… for the first time in years I’ve had to pull off to the side of the road with a problem. I generally try to make sure things are all sorted out in advance… preventative maintenance. This one caught me by surprise. Fortunately I recognized the symptoms and shut off the engine as quickly as I could and got off the major highway safely (at least as safe as the gravel shoulder is).

Of course it was raining. I moved all the gear off the rear engine compartment and got my rain gear on (I’m headed for some bike races that tend to be either dry and dusty or wet and messy so I came prepared). When I looked in on the engine compartment I saw a missing belt (from the drive shaft to the water pump). There were some signs that coolant had escaped but not too badly. The supply reservoir was full (it shouldn’t be) but other than the missing belt it looked ok. Just not a nice place to try to learn a new technique… the pully for that belt is a rather unique (and possibly archaic?) design.

Seeing where I was, I opted to go to a mechanic I know and trust. And one I call a friend too. We’ll sort it out in the morning and I expect to be back on the road close to my planned schedule. I have a spare belt to replace the one that broke, it’s just a matter of getting it back in place and then making sure the cooling system is working as it should.

Thank you CAA!

An evening of unplanned driveway camping

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