A month between posts!

Even when I was on the road busy travelling, covering events and in the midst of this next chapter I didn’t go a month between entries here on my blog. And now that the racing season has wound down here I would think I’d have more time.

I’m going to put it down to having written a lot lately, just not here. In particular I’ve been doing interviews. The most recent one was with Gerard Vroomen, one of the co-founders of Cervelo, about his new bike company OPEN. Here’s the video interview I published earlier in the week.

And I’ll add a few photos from the event as well. Some of these were published on PedalMag.com.

The other major interview is one that I worked on for a while and it took place via Skype over a couple of days. That will be published in the next issue of Pedal and should be about 4 pages including photos. It was actually a challenge to trim the piece down to fit, I had enough material to do about twice as long. And in fact I had to prune it from over 4000 words to 2750. That was the hardest part. That plus getting rid of my classic comma splice syndrome.

The ultralight OPEN 29er O-1.0

Gerard Vroomen being playful

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