First overnight in Babe 3.0


It’s finally real… I’m sitting in a campground as I write this. Camping. Using my Westy for its intended purpose. First night for this year.

Over the course of the past week since Babe has left the spa behind she’s been tested out on short trips, longer drives and even had battery and solar setup evaluated.She’s had an alignment done and an appraisal too. It will be interesting to read that.

I’m finding lots of things I like… little improvements that come as the result of upgrades. Like the fridge! The Victron solar controller with Bluetooth access is great and I’m finding that very informative based on the limited testing so far. I expect having more data over the next few weeks will make it even more informative. I’m interested in seeing how the solar panels I brought along work. I will have to write a separate entry on that topic… I have 3 panels with me and I will be testing them out in all kinds of conditions.

Victron Controller

And there are things that will need to be sorted out. That’s to be expected though! I will have to make a note of when the doors, with their new seals, stop needing to be slammed. I feel like I’m being hard on this lady! Learning about the new Babe was expected and I’m looking forward to testing out all the subtle details that have changed.


Babe’s adventures since getting back on the road have included:

A fond farewell


A first song.

Danny Michel – Matadora

A visit with Kayla & mom!

First trip to Midland

Lending a hand at Shelter Valley

Solar powered main stage!

And finally… on the road!

Hello Quebec!

And since this is Quebec… le Camping!

le Camping
First campsite for 2016


And with that… I’ll call it a night! Babe is back 🙂

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  1. Patience (and perseverance) is a virtue, eh Peter. So glad Babe is back. Nice write-ups!

  2. Anthony Whetham says: Reply

    You buy beer because it has a bicycle on it too.

    1. Well… I buy ones that have VW buses on them too 😉

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