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Oct 24 2016

Colorado wrap-up

Big Sky

Well! September 25th to October 15th was a home to Fruita Colorado and back trip. What a trip it was! Let me wrap this up in a summary entry. 4,149 miles (6677 km) for a 2016 total of 9,022 miles (14,520 km) 741 miles was the longest single day of driving according to my RoadTrip …

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Aug 02 2016

First overnight in Babe 3.0


It’s finally real… I’m sitting in a campground as I write this. Camping. Using my Westy for its intended purpose. First night for this year. Over the course of the past week since Babe has left the spa behind she’s been tested out on short trips, longer drives and even had battery and solar setup …

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Oct 13 2014

Camping, Riding and Autumn Colours (Vermont Part 2)

I’ll start by saying this trip was one of the wetter editions of our Autumn In Vermont expeditions. We’ve had cold before. We’ve had some rain too. Never this much of both though. The initial rain we had at Millstone cleared up and delivered some delightful sun and colours for our two days of riding …

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Sep 09 2014

Back To Back Bike Events

It’s been a busy weekend and it will be an even busier week ahead. And I’m very much enjoying it all. After having a little down time after Shelter Valley I ended up having two very different events to shoot this weekend. The first one involved around 75 people, some lovely quiet forest trails and …

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Aug 27 2014

Good Food, Great Company, A Little Hard Work

This is the perfect recipe for a folk festival in my mind and Shelter Valley does it like no other that I know of. Showing up to work is like a family reunion with lots of great banter and playful conversation with friends from previous years as well as lots of stimulating conversations with new …

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Aug 26 2014

I’m In The Mood For Music

This extended week, from last weekend until the end of next weekend, is a break from photography and a shift to music. So far so good too! The weekend behind was highlighted by the Greenbelt Harvest Festival which is the brainchild of Daniel Lanois. While only four years old it has a reputation for having …

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Aug 15 2014

Windham – The Third Mountain

The days on this mountain were defined by the hot and dry conditions. This was very much like how it was two years earlier. There was one exception the first evening as a brief shower passed through, leaving this rainbow behind.From a photography perspective, it meant I was in the woods as often as I …

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Aug 07 2014

A Trip Report In Three Mountains

When I finally got around to writing up my Moab trip report it turned into 3 “books”. This report  is best broken down into the three mountains that feature prominently in the adventure. Which isn’t done yet by any means! I’ve only just arrived at mountain #3. Since I haven’t written much on my blog …

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Aug 01 2014

Bonus Update From MSA…

I’ve had time relaxing in my camper tonight so I’ve put this 2 segment video together… I suspect the weather today will be a factor for the racing all weekend as the water will continue to flow down from the mountain. And I know the sound of the weed whackers will be replaced by blaring …

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Jul 31 2014

It’s Nice To Be Back

Back at Mont Sainte Anne, back to shooting another big event, back to camping. And back on the road after Monday’s misstep. Back to camping in a parking lot too! I had arranged camping in advance with the media relations person and she made sure things were taken care of. Unfortunately the camping area hadn’t …

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