I’m In The Mood For Music

This extended week, from last weekend until the end of next weekend, is a break from photography and a shift to music. So far so good too!

The weekend behind was highlighted by the Greenbelt Harvest Festival which is the brainchild of Daniel Lanois. While only four years old it has a reputation for having some big names as well as local Hamilton area talent. And this year was no exception. I really enjoyed seeing and hearing Bruce Cockburn and Ron Sexsmith is another artist I really enjoy. The final act was Ray LaMontagne, a band I don’t know much about but they were a treat. I’ll have to look into their music a little more as they were really on top of it and performed brilliantly on stage.

We got to the Harvest Festival early… front row parking

<insert your caption here 🙂 >

This week I’m at the Henkel family lavender farm, the site of the Shelter Valley Folk Festival. I’ve gotten one day of hard labour in (and my body feels it!) and three more days ahead of me as I volunteer to help get everything set up ahead of the festival which starts on Friday and runs until Sunday noon.

Headed out to SVFF. With a bike of course

It was a hot day with lots of sun and sweat so after we were done I headed down to the lake for a quick dip to wash of the day’s grime. And then I drove up to the volunteer camping area on top of the hill.

Parked at the beach for a quick dip

This last shot is my view down over the festival site with the lake in the distance. And with that, I’ll wrap up the blog entry as the campfire is about to get lit now that the sun is gone.

At home on the hill with SVFF as a view

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