It’s Nice To Be Back

Back at Mont Sainte Anne, back to shooting another big event, back to camping. And back on the road after Monday’s misstep.

Back to camping in a parking lot too! I had arranged camping in advance with the media relations person and she made sure things were taken care of. Unfortunately the camping area hadn’t been officially opened yet so the instructions weren’t relayed. I was first directed into the team area, which I was ok with even though it meant being in the middle of everything. That didn’t last long, I was directed to where the camping would be once it was set up. I moved myself over to the far edge where there was a little shade and grass.

My first attempt at setting up.

Looking down from the course

As for the belt that broke on Monday, it’s doing fine and I finally found a place to get a replacement. So I ordered two which I just picked up this morning. They are now packed away in my parts bag. When I got back from this drive, I moved myself a little further from the hydro lines and course. But only a little.

Quantity 2

All set up, no driving before Monday

This will likely be my last blog entry until the racing is done but I’ll be publishing photos of the event to so look there for updates over the weekend. Here’s a new section of the course, one of several that make this a very demanding course despite being only 4 KM long.

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