What a difference a day makes

Andrea and I stayed over at our friend Liz’s place Friday (camped in the driveway).

This was to combine a dinner and socializing with a mountain bike ride on the secret trails of Erin with some Lapdogs friends. And it was a great evening, stayed up late chatting after a Thai dinner in Dundas. Then a drive to Erin (getting lost along the way… hmmm) and into the woods for 11 sections of amazing singletrack. What a blast!

Knowing I would be slower I was only planning on doing one loop while the rest were going to do two. I had time to relax a little before they came out and having the camper made that pretty easy! Then a pub lunch, basking in the warmth of the day… mmmm.

I’ll call this day one, and here’s my photo of it…

The Ogre

Today, as Irene makes her violent way up the east coast we are relaxing in gentle breezes and soft light from an overcast sky. We started the day very leisurely, had coffee while reading the Times, and then Andrea got into baking bread and such.

Here’s my participation in that, day 2 of the weekend…

The gnome?

What a difference a day makes 🙂

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