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Apr 05 2015

2015 CONTACT Photography Festival

I mentioned an exciting upcoming event a couple of times, saying that I’d provide an update when it was officially announced. Well it is now official. Peter Kraiker Photography is presenting an exhibit of 18 framed limited edition photographs, all of them directly in the cross-hairs of my two passions. Photography and Cycling. I’ve called …

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Dec 09 2014

Heading Back To The Office

Well… I did it. I said yes to another IT contract. When I wrapped up the last one back in March I mentioned that I didn’t have any fixed plan but would consider coming back in the fall. One of the people I was working with reached out to see if I was interested, we …

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Jun 13 2014

From Basements to Birthdays – 60

Last weekend was an awesome VW bus event. This week was constructive work in the basement. Today… well it’s my birthday. Sixty years old, still here. I am older than my old manI am older than my old man ever wasI try to keep it in context(Lyrics from “Older than my old man now”, Loudon …

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Jun 10 2014

2014 BusFusion – Trip Report

After months of preparation, the 2014 edition of BusFusion is now a string of awesome memories. It started on Thursday (June 5th) with cool weather however by Friday afternoon the sun was out and the warmth tempted a lot of people into going for a swim in the Mississippi River. And the wonderful weather lasted …

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May 31 2014

Moab Video(s) Part 3 – Mag 7 and Slickrock

I had so much fun stuff from these two amazing rides that I couldn’t edit it all down to 10 minutes. So… I made a 10 minute video of each. If you only watch one of the 4 videos from Moab then I’d pick Slickrock. Amazing place, amazing riding, and I’m amazed that I rode …

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May 23 2014

Moab Trilogy Book 3: The Trip Back to Toronto

 When I was trying to decide how to write this final book of the trilogy, I started by thinking that it would be the least interesting to readers. It’s certainly just as full of adventure as the previous two books, in different ways though. So I’ll just keep writing and you can make of it …

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May 20 2014

Back to Covering Bike Races

This weekend had back-to-back races and I was able to get out to them both and shoot my first events of 2014. I’ll start by saying it feels great to be back. Got to see lots of people I haven’t seen in a while, get caught up a little, and practice my “art”. And it …

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May 20 2014


This being the first “summer” long weekend it’s been a classic weekend for fireworks, camping, and escape from hibernation… ” May two-four” (not because cases of beer come by the 24 as some people seem to think!). Sitting here listening to fireworks brings a handful of thoughts to mind so I’ll just rattle them off …

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May 10 2014

Moab Book 2: Being There

I feel like like I skipped over so many things along the way to summarizing the first part of the trip… how the weather was (soooo much better than it had been when I left TO), what it felt like to be on the road (and on the road alone)… I am really getting to …

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May 07 2014

Moab Book 1: Getting There

It began with the forging of the Big Rings… three were given to the mountain bikers. (sorry, I couldn’t resist some LOTR-esque start once I decided to make this a 3 part tale). This trip was certainly an adventure, nothing like the trip Frodo went on though as I didn’t see a single dragon, troll …

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