Cyclocross season is well under way

I missed a few of the early races, finally got to cover my first one last weekend and I thought I got a few very good photos. I have a full gallery up on my site and a select gallery went up on

I also put a few up on Facebook and that gallery is one of the few that I spent  significant time to tailor the images to reflect the mood of the event. Generally I have tried to keep the images closer to being visually accurate. Of all of the sets, I think that’s the one that worked best so I may experiment with that level of manipulation a little more over the rest of the season (which wraps up with the CX World Championships in Kentucky in February). We’ll see what mood tomorrow’s race will inspire.

Anyhow… here are a few of the digitally enhanced images that went into my FB gallery. Let me know what you think of the effect.

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