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Aug 21 2017

The Toronto 2017 Eclipse

We weren’t in the path of “totality” and as tempting as it was to go on a road trip to get on that path I am happy to be home for a week. So I took some photos from a school yard close to home. It felt like a good idea so I went with …

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Aug 21 2017

The Marinoni Hour

I have a couple of updates so I’ll make this a quick one and then move on to the next… This past weekend was a track hour record attempt by Giuseppe Marinoni ( in the Masters 80-84 Y/O Best Hour category. The lead-up and build up were huge. He set the 75-79 record 5 years …

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Aug 07 2017

2017 MSA UCI MTB Photos

I’m sitting in the empty media center here at Mont-Sainte-Anne wrapping up my weekend and about to go ride the trails before I leave. Not before adding some photos from the weekend… hope you like them! DHI Photos XCO Action

Apr 30 2017

The Victoria and Albert Museum

V&A archway

A Facebook comment from a friend welcoming us back and playfully asking for more photos from the V&A prompted me to put a gallery together. I’m publishing it here rather than only on FB. I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and this is a good reminder that I should be paying a little more attention …

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Feb 01 2017

Another Cover

I’ve been working at this photographic next chapter for over 8 years now and I measure it by time invested and treasures uncovered. Getting a magazine cover is certainly something to be treasured. And with the latest issue of Pedal Magazine I now have my 4th cover. One was for a trade show magazine, the …

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Jun 18 2016

Luminato – It’s not always about the bus

While I have photos to share about how Babe is doing I thought I’d take an opportunity to write about something else for a change :). Come explore Luminato with me. The Luminato Festival is celebrating its 10th year. This is the first time I’ve ever been. Andrea had a race planned for today but …

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Sep 26 2015


There’s still one more day of racing to go but while I have a little time I thought I’d add a gallery of photos that have been published here, there, somewhere. But not here until now! Tomorrow will be day 9 down here in Richmond VA. It’s been awesome, quite the adventure, and long enough …

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Jul 13 2015

TO2015 Pan Am BMX and MTB Action

What an amazing few of days! First the opening ceremonies, then the BMX race action which was won by American Felicia Stancil and Canada’s own Tory Nyhaug. Then a MTB double header with Emily Batty and Raphaël Gagné winning another 2 gold plus a silver for Catharine Pendrel. Loved being there to cover it all. …

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Jul 11 2015

TO2015 Opening Ceremony

The games are now officially underway! It was a blast to be at the opening ceremony, lots of great photo opportunities. Being inside the Pan Am Dome there was no opportunity to get to the fireworks on the CN Tower, there are lots of great photos and videos on twitter though… just do a search …

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Jul 09 2015

TO2015 Pan Am Games are on!

Well, it’s happening! The city is struggling to figure out what hosting a major games means and it will certainly be quite an adventure. I went down to the “MMC” (all of the venues have an abbreviated code, this one is for the Main Media Center) to get my credentials validated and pick up my …

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