Wow! Louisville Delivers Big

The preliminaries are over, the racing is full on. And the weather is still playing its part. The temperature dropped overnight and the morning had snow for some of the races. Perfect CX madness.

One note of disappointment: the site really isn’t helping media figure out what’s going on. No useful start lists, no easy to access results. I’ve found the best info coming from folks on Facebook, Twitter and cycling-specific websites. I missed a race that mattered, the first race had a Canadian 60-64 Master taking the first rainbow jersey of these events and I wasn’t there because I didn’t know we had anyone racing. Sigh.

Still… I did get some good coverage of the races I knew about. Here’s a small gallery of what I saw. The muck was bike-breaking and will-sapping. Check out for a gallery, should be online soon.

Peter Lawrence finished a strong 2nd

Natural art?

Steve Tilford raced to victory with an injured shoulder
More natural art
Sandra Deegan finished with determination

Brutal on man and machine

And for the remainder of these races, these photo galleries will be brought to you by the number 19 and the colour green. There are only 25 green photographer bibs for this event (the only ones allowed full access including the finish). I’ll do my best to use it to full advantage and try to get some good, unique shots.

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