Every Day Seems to be Adventure Filled Here in Louisville

I’ll file a report from today when I have time. Meanwhile…

The organizers and the UCI have taken drastic measure due to impending flood of the venue for CX Worlds. Here’s a link to the UCI communique.

Seems the river will rise during the night on Saturday beyond what they feel they can safely hold back despite extensive measures with sandbags and barricades. The major cycling news feeds can give you all the details you need to know but the net is this:

Everything is happening on Saturday. So don’t sleep in, the riders will be on the course starting at 8:30 and you’ll want to check the coverage changes on the net too.
The schedule:

It also means I get to head back to T.O. on Sunday instead of Monday… that part I’ll like. Gonna be a hectic day tomorrow though.

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