Settled In For The GPCQM

I got a real chuckle when I arrive at my hotel in Quebec (the media are all in the Chateau Laurier while the teams are a block away in the Delta Quebec). For the first time I came to this event without my trusty camper… I decided to fly as I was pressed for time. So what do I see in front of the hotel? See for yourself.

No, that’s not Babe… just looks wonderfully similar! Maybe she’s trying to tell me something. Aanyhow, it brought a big smile to my face and started my time here nicely.

Next up was the room… I’m at the very far end of the hotel with a view out to the inner courtyard (which at this time of the evening is wonderfully lit and pretty). One bed for all my gear, one bed for me, and a bath robe hanging in wait for lounging. It’s going to a rough trip. 

Then it was off to a media session with four riders. It wasn’t a really big deal and I actually though the questions were pretty lame. But I didn’t ask any so I can’t point any fingers! I’m sure these top riders were happy when it was done and they could get back to their preparations, massages, or meals.

Tomorrow will be the first race, one that I think is unique to the GPCQM event. It’s an elimination sprint with each team entering one rider and two of the 4 riders in each heat move on to the next one. This is more like a track event than a road race but it’s very spectator friendly and has always drawn big crowds in the past.

The forecast for tomorrow suggests there could be rain and that may have some affect on the day. In any case, the race doesn’t start until 4pm so I’ll get to enjoy a good part of the day wandering around in this lovely city. There was one disappointment today though… there’s a lovely little crepe restaurant that I’ve gone to and was looking forward to going to for dinner today. It’s gone 🙁

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