Back To Back Bike Events

It’s been a busy weekend and it will be an even busier week ahead. And I’m very much enjoying it all.

After having a little down time after Shelter Valley I ended up having two very different events to shoot this weekend. The first one involved around 75 people, some lovely quiet forest trails and included some VW campers. The second one was closer to 3,000 people and 170km of roads to ride. Between the two I found I was a little tired at the end of it all.

Part one was the Sausage Suit Individual Time Trial put on by Dan Marshall of Substance Projects. He laid out a 15km loop of singletrack in the Dufferin Forest with options to do one or two laps. Each category had about 30 racers.

The evening included a campout with a corn roast and fire. Sadly we didn’t get to enjoy all that much of it as I had to get on the road by 5:30 to get to Part Two…

The Epic Tour Halton is a Gran Fondo of epic proportions with a huge turnout and a lot of careful planning required. It’s the biggest in the Greater Toronto Area and is similar in scale to the Centurion held up at Collingwood. Both are great events…

I was contacted by one of the organizers over a month ago to see if I was available for the day and while it was a tight fit I let him know I could make it. An early day with lots of different photo opportunities in a number of different locations made for some fun photos. I’ve delivered the gallery of my best shots this morning so I’m now all set to move on to the next event. But here are a few photos from the Epic first.

Next up? It’s the Grand Prix Cycliste Quebec et Montreal which is now in its fifth year. These are the only two North American World Tour single day events on the UCI road calendar and are some of the most exciting races we get to see. I’ve been at all of them except last year when I wasn’t up to the travel. But I’m on my way tomorrow… for a change I’ll be flying rather than driving Babe. I just didn’t have the time so instead I took her into the spa to get some minor work done while I’m away.

Here’s my blog entry from the last time I was there…

With Matteo Trentin

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