Moab Video Part 2 – MOAB Brand plus M&M

I had some time yesterday and went through more of the raw videos I took while cycling at Moab. It sure is a lot more time consuming to edit videos than it is to put together a gallery of still images. And then there’s the challenge of finding music to use…

This time I opted to use tracks from a couple of the popular royalty-free sites, even at that YouTube has flagged the video as having third party content. Sigh. The tracks I used are from and and I’ve included attributions. For part 3 I’m going to try

Anyhow, here’s part 2 of the video trilogy. It covers some of the MOAB Brand trails plus part of the Monitor & Merrimac loop. The Brand trails were relatively busy, being easy to get to and having lots of family-friendly easy loops that makes sense. M&M is another easy trail, not nearly as popular but full of great scenery. And the only wet riding we did while in Utah! If you want to know more about the trails, the Utah Mountain Biking website has some great descriptions. Look for Bar M as a quick link to the Brand Trails, and read up on why the two buttes got named the way they did…

It’s another 10 minute video so sit back with a coffee or beer and relax. Be prepared for a little shaky-cam when Andrea tried to include me in the footage, we didn’t adjust the chesty harness properly so the camera bounced around quite a bit. It was the first time using the chesty so even my footage isn’t great… the camera was aimed too low. Live and learn. And ride!!!

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