Moab Video(s) Part 3 – Mag 7 and Slickrock

I had so much fun stuff from these two amazing rides that I couldn’t edit it all down to 10 minutes. So… I made a 10 minute video of each. If you only watch one of the 4 videos from Moab then I’d pick Slickrock. Amazing place, amazing riding, and I’m amazed that I rode it!

Magnificent 7 (Mag 7) is a set of trails that starts up on the mesa and descends along the edge into the sandy valley before climbing out along a 4×4 trail. After hours of descending that final climb was really tough, and my GoPro battery was dead so I have no footage of that. I actually didn’t even to stop to take photos, all I could think of was getting to the top. The final part of that ride was a descent along a bike path down into the town of Moab… that was another 10 miles. It makes for a full anf fun day of  riding.

As one of the most famous trails in the world, Slickrock was supposed to be our “easy” ride the day after Mag 7. Easy in the sense that it’s a relatively short loop of 10 miles. Not easy though, this is a very physically and technically challenging ride with sharp climbs and steep descents. It’s almost all on Navajo sandstone, with only a few sandy patches to swoop through. And the views are spectacular, the trail is up on the Sand Flats and in places you look down at the Colorado River.

An interesting thing about this trail (and many of the trails in the area) is that “singletrack” designates something that both motorized and human-powered bikes share. It really only means “no 4x4s”. There’s a complete set of those trails in there too, they cross from time to time but aren’t shared.

Anyhow, this is my favourite video of the set… let me know which one you like best.

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