A Second Moab Trilogy – This Time in Video Rather Than Words

After-thought, written hours after this was first published but as I first really got to think about it… 

yes, there will be a third book written for the Moab Trilogy! I was just going through the videos so I could fact check and decided to edit some of it as I went along. Some time I’ll have to write about what it means to publish a gallery vs. an article vs. a video. Those three aspects of my creative cycling life have very different effects!

I was intending to trim the videos I took down to a single movie however I don’t think I’m up to that task… over 80 separate video segments at 6 different locations for a few hours of total coverage.

So instead I’m going to do 3 videos, each covering 2 locations and featuring one song… I have used the music of Mr. Something Something for a few of my videos so I started with one for this too.

Here’s the first installment, featuring Intrepid and Klondike Bluffs trails. At a little over 10 minutes, I looked for a song to fit and hope you like the one I picked.

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