This being the first “summer” long weekend it’s been a classic weekend for fireworks, camping, and escape from hibernation… ” May two-four” (not because cases of beer come by the 24 as some people seem to think!).

Sitting here listening to fireworks brings a handful of thoughts to mind so I’ll just rattle them off as they cross through, in no particular order.

  • I don’t really like them close by… too much like guns or bombs for my liking I think.
  • Seeing artistic and well though-out displays is really amazing. I suppose that helps get me past the previous thought. It feels like someone painting the sky with light and I am amazed by some of the images they are capable of creating.
  • I don’t like people lighting them up in their back yards, on street corners, or generally just carelessly. Even some of the neighbourhood events I’ve seen could use a little more care.
  • I enjoyed watching them with my kids as they were growing up… in particular at some parks and at Toronto’s harbourfront. And I sensed at least one of my kids didn’t like the “being close” aspect too.
  • My favourite fireworks moment was at then end of 1999, as it became 2000. I got to share that with my mom and Andrea with her mom down at the lake as we watched the CN Tower light up and blossom with fire and light as the clock took us to that moment. I’m really glad we were able to be there, it was truly special.

All of these moments are before I was doing anything with digital images though. The one I do have that I can share here is from a bike race in a Chicago suburb, with my camper reflecting the exploding lights as I took a break from sorting photos and writing race reports. Sadly, the Tour of Elk Grove has been replaced on the U.S. cycling calendar with the Tour of Utah (it was well organized and one of the first races to work at making women’s prize money close to the men’s). This photo is from 2011…


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