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What a treat it was thinking in the context of photography as fine art rather than story telling. Although I hope my images tell a story regardless of my intent or the context of presentation I am aware of the difference I feel about the expression and so I assume it reflects what others see as well. Preparing for, and attending, a gallery opening was exciting. Definitely a highlight in my already brightly lit 2012 calendar. And I thought 2011 was amazing…

After a few days digesting the opening I’m now getting back into my “normal” state of affairs. And of course that includes a bike race. The second local MTB race was this past weekend and for a change the weather gods smiled… 2011 was a wet event for the early races at Woodnewton while 2012 was a beautiful day. Then again, so did the VW gods… last year I had to get CAA to tow the camper after the clutch failed.

So my mind is turning back to bike races, happily. I love the creative side of photography and strive to bring it to all the shots I take. As stunning as the ones on display at Leonardo Galleries are, there is just as much passion injected into the race photos and they too are unique. Definitely less time to compose the image, sometimes things go wrong in the heat of the moment, certainly no second chance to do it again. Getting a great or unique shot that isn’t on 20 other cameras because we were all in the same spot matters to me. As does expressing a place the way I experience it when I have the time to look around and capture the location. So I’ll close this little rambling post with a couple of photos and a link to the galleries from this past week end. It was fun to shoot this bike race, the next one will be in Gatineau over the long weekend. I know that one will be exciting too as it’s the premiere women’s UCI event in Canada and has valuable Olympic points available.

and from the Woodnewton race:

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