Dusty and Dirty @ Mansfield

The event is called Epic, it’s 8 hours long, and this one was dry and dusty!

I didn’t have a chance to go through these photos – which were taken this past Saturday – until last night because I was a little distracted with a Canadian in pink. When I did get the chance to go through them I found the lighting and tones very interesting however the colours didn’t work for me. So I opted to look for an Aperture preset that suited this gallery and came up with an appropriately one called “dust storm”.

The spring edition of the Epic 8 Hour took place at Mansfield Outdoor Center which is a sandy, loamy location that generally drains well when it rains. Without any rain for a while, it turned into a very dry course that became loose and sandy in many sections. It made for some good photos though.

Last year this was a great event for VW buses too, there weren’t many this year though. Here’s the link to my blog entry from that event.

I’ve put up a gallery of this dust storm on my website

Here are a few samples to give you an idea of how epic it was:

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