First Drive, First Photo Shoot Since April

It felt really good to get out for the weekend.

This past weekend was the Canadian National Mountain Bike Championships up at Hardwood Hills and it marked my return to being a snapper. I wasn’t able to get up for the Eliminator on Thursday but did have the pleasure of covering the Elite races on Saturday and the Sport, Relay and Expert races on Sunday. I also got to drive Babe, now that I don’t have to wear a collar. That was very liberating.

And I finally got to see my mom, to give her a hug and spend a little time together as we stayed overnight on Saturday. I know it’s been very hard on her to be apart for so long and finally getting a visit meant a lot. You won’t have to wait 4 months for the next visit mom!

I didn’t move around to get the broad coverage I usually do, I was being careful and feeling the effects of 3 months of inactivity. My shoulders still hurt today from carrying all the camera gear. I still managed to get some great shots, including this sequence of the winning move in the elite men’s race that saw Derek Zandstra pull away to lead for the final lap and take his first national title.

DZ gets in front just before Boneshaker

Kabush lets his teammate get a gap

Plaxton has to do all the work to try and close it down

I haven’t sorted all of the photos from the weekend but will get through them over the next couple of evenings. One of the other sequences I like is of Andrea in Boneshaker. This was her first time racing it and she did great all three times through it.

And to wrap it up, I put together a short video of post-race interviews. I made a point of seeing what I could find out about the tactics used by the Scott 3Rox trio.

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  1. Nice to see you are back behind your camera again

  2. Thanks Jerry, definitely felt good.

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