Stretching A Little

I’ve said all along that my focus is cycling, that combining my passions of photography and cycling is central to the thought of what I’m interested in.

Then writing came along. Still with a cycling focus but a big step out of my comfort zone (Andrea is my comma splice cop! I need one as I abuse that all the time). So I thought perhaps I should see if other photo opportunities exist and decided to follow through on a local thing…

The 2014 FIFA Women’s World Championship takes place in and around Toronto this year. I have my AIPS credentials (Sports Media) so maybe I could attend. I asked…

Dear FIFA Media Channel User,
We confirm that you have been given access to the FIFA Media Channel 

Yup the sound of a door opening! It will be interesting to see where this goes, I don’t have high expectations but it’s a very interesting venue. And no, I don’t want to discuss either FIFA or the UCI… governing bodies and athletes as well as the people who love the sport are miles apart in both arenas. Sadly.

Well, that happened and I like that a door opened a little wider. With the Toronto2015 Pan-Am games coming up it feels good to stretch my wings. I expect that photographing different sports is easier than writing about them… we’ll see. I do know that having an intimate knowledge of the athletes and participants is crucial to making it work. So we’ll see about that.

I also like having the opportunity to capture the upcoming Canadian MTB Championships!

This event was the first one I dared go to last year, the first day out I covered it without even using a neck brace despite it only being a week or so since being free of my halo. I learned my lesson and was more cautious the next day. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can deliver this year now that I’m more active and mobile!

The decisive moment in the 2013 Nat’s…

I’ll resist using any hashtag for all of this, and simply say:

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