Woodnewton – wet, wild and CAA

The second Ontario Cup MTB race was held at Woodnewton yesterday, a little piece of land south of Brooklyn, ON that was first used for MTB racing last year. It had been raining for a couple of days so there were lots of huge puddles (ponds) and the course was very slick. It made for some good photos of course, and gave me an opportunity to test out my rain gear. Everything worked fine except for my boots, time to replace them.

The other thing that didn’t work out fine was Babe… when it was time to go I hopped in, put my foot on the clutch and there was nothing… the pedal just went down to the floor. Now I know what that little spotting under her was… the hydraulics for the clutch must have been leaking. Sigh. So… CAA tow number 2. It was hard to describe the location to the dispatcher, I really was just in the middle of a field. And it took them a while to get there so by the time Babe was hitched up I was the last one there. Since I wasn’t driving, I took a Fat Tire Amber Ale out of the fridge and sat back to wait.

We got all the way to Arkansas and back without a problem, or perhaps it was just luck that it didn’t happen while I was away. Either way, it was good luck that it happened within towing distance of my mechanic’s shop. I had lots of time to ponder these things while I sat there and enjoyed my beer.

As we left, I locked the gate behind us.

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