Hello 2015

Not for the first time I’ve been amiss in keeping my blog up to date. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. Nor is it that I haven’t been doing interesting things. I’ll have to give some thought in the days & weeks ahead to consider what it actually is. For now I’ll skip over all of that and simply write a little. I need the practice if nothing else!


Happy new year everyone! 2015. I’m still wrapping my head around that number. I have vivid and fond memories of when 1999 became 2000, in part it’s because that’s the last time until this year that I recall having my mother stay with us here in Toronto. Which she did this year, more on that later.

2015. In 2000 I didn’t even try to imagine what 2015 would be like. Now I find myself wondering what 2030 might be like. It’s no bigger a leap, I just feel time in a different way than I did those 15 years ago I guess. Going from 45 to 60 and then contemplating 75 leads to lots of interesting thoughts, not the least of which is the frailty of life.

So now here we all are in 2015, hoping to remember to sign dates correctly and perhaps stick to new years resolutions. At least for a few weeks. And for the record, I stopped making resolutions like that years ago. I resolve to do what I do when I feel it, not based on a calendar. Valentines day holds just as little appeal and that has nothing to do with how romantic I am or am not. I just don’t like arbitrary date-driven drivel. Did I say Happy New Year though?

I do enjoy the sensation of anticipation that turning a page from an previous calendar to a new can bring. I hope that doesn’t sound like a contradiction. Turning the page is a good way to represent and capture the moment. What happens next isn’t about some playbook… I get to decide how to spend, invest and distribute the time on the blank pages ahead. And lots of the blanks are already filling up with exciting opportunities. It’s just become the first day of 2015 but I already have events scheduled into September, some 200 days into the future.

First up will be the Canadian Track Championships which start on Saturday and will be the first event at the new Velodrome which has been built for and funded by the 2015 Pan AM games. But before I get into looking too far forward I’m still enjoying the glow of the weeks that have just passed and that I am just now getting around to writing about.

My new IT contract had a down-time injected into it that made rooms for lots of personal things and I think I’ve filled the time well. I’ll be back into office mode soon but before I let my mind delve into that I’ll savour these personal moments and share a few photos. It’s been a fun few weeks!

Kay, Oma and Zef.
My ukulele and Andrea’s new banjo uke.
History… my 1976 Colnago Mexico is back hanging on the wall.


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