First Magazine Cover

I found out about this a few weeks ago and it came as quite a surprise. Today I got to see what the cover looks like and it was still a huge surprise even though I knew it was coming. So without further ado here’s what it looks like. This photo is from the Pedal Magazine Facebook page.

On newsstands soon, the latest issue of PEDAL

The cover photo they used is one I took in September 2012 at the GPCQM Worldtour race in Quebec, one of the last professional races for Michael Barry. At the time the focus was on his upcoming retirement so I made a point of getting some good photos of him as well as doing an interview about his retirement. Then USADA shook the world of cycling apart and Michael was the prominent Canadian in their revelation (that was October). Much media attention, the “Lance story” got huge focus and all the major media outlets wanted people to talk. Pro cyclists including Michael were busy for a while, pundits expressed opinions and interviews were happening all over the place with lots of noise and static. It took a while for the real facts to emerge.

In November I followed up with an in-depth interview with Michael for the issue, talking with him by Skype over a couple of days and then working on the article with a tight deadline. This led to me submitting a number of photos for Pedal to use along with the piece but there was never any discussion about the cover. Until I got a phone call asking for me to check and revise my bio. They would be running it in the Contributors section as my article, a number of my photos and my shot on the cover would all be featured. Quite a rush!

It was no a small feat getting there though. The interview almost didn’t happen in time; I have Michael to thank for both making the time and for being so candid and open in our extended conversation. Then there was the matter of getting it crafted into a meaningful piece under 3,000 words (much longer than any I’d done before). My first draft was meandering and not up to my standards. Andrea put her editorial hat on and used a lot of red ink on it, making some great (and challenging) suggestions on directions I could take with it to make it much better. I tossed out the first draft and started over with her good ideas alongside the story I was imagining in my mind.

The piece went in about a week after I started trying to get time with Michael, 2,750 words when I was done and featured on the cover as “Michael Barry Confesses” (not my title). If you read it I’d be interested in hearing what you think. I enjoy writing, it doesn’t come as naturally as photography though so don’t be too hard on me : – )

My contribution: I expect there will be about 4 pages for the piece I wrote, around 8 photos, the bio, and the cover. I guess I should keep a copy of this issue?

A very nice Christmas present to receive…

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